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Autark is a netlabel based in Innsbruck, Austria aiming to release new electronic music especially elektronika. Yet, we're open for other stuff as well, as long as it offers quality and fits to the label.
Our issues underlie the creative commons license model (, which allows every single artist to adjust the further usage of his/her works.
If you are intersted (or if you have want to publish some good music) feel free to contact us. please mind the briefing in the contact section.

Autark is run by

Martin Huber

Martin Huber
Runs together with Lucas Norer. Makes music and spins records as John E. Flash. Hosts the monthly "Alien Explorer" club in Innsbruck.

Lucas Norer

Lucas Norer
Runs together with Martin Huber. Webdesigner and artist with an experimental approach and questions concerning the open room, urbanity and installation mostly in connection with sound

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