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Autark aa15

Konsul Gnadenwalze
Gnad en Walzae
w + p by Konsul Gnadenwalze
artwork by Konsul Gnadenwalze
mastered by Kenneth Winkler

01 _  mp3 , ogg
02 __  mp3 , ogg
03 ___  mp3 , ogg
04 ____  mp3 , ogg
05 _____  mp3 , ogg
06 ______(Firnwald Remix)  mp3 , ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf
..   Booklet  pdf

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"Gnad en Walzae" is the soundtrack to Konsul Gnadenwalze's very own universe – 6 tracks creating some dub-wise broken beat abstractions, beautiful and brutal, organic and mechanized at the same time. Each successive listen reveals new depths, pulling you further into the world of Konsul Gnadenwalze. A wired carousel
ride with the ancient question of whether we revolve around our environment, or our environment revolves around us. Don't forget to check out the nicely designed extra booklet!


Autark aa14

w + p by Andreas Kurz
artwork by Andrea Lüth
mastered by Kenneth Winkler

01 Clouds 1  mp3 , ogg
02 Clouds 2  mp3 , ogg
03 Clouds 3  mp3 , ogg
04 Clouds 4  mp3 , ogg
05 Clouds 5  mp3 , ogg
06 Clouds 6  mp3 , ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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Clouds, the first new release by Washer aka Andreas Kurz (also part of Guy Bored) since his album "Trains And Attitudes", finds him in a more abstract mood. The album is based on samples of acoustic instruments, found sounds and field recordings, all recorded by the artist himself. In a process of spontaneous re- composition with some granular synthesis involved, this material was whirrled around and newly organized in a way that fits the album title perfectly. The result is delicate music of small gestures, arranged in one ongoing set of 45 minutes. Encapsulating atmospheres and a chance meeting of different musical structures provide a rewarding and intense listening experience.


Autark aa13

Analogsat & Gommoral
Solitons EP
videos by Analogsat (Uli Kühn)
music by Gommoral (Michael Kuttner)

01 Solitones  mp4
02 Spectroscope  mp4
03 Spectrometer  mp4

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..   DVD-Cover  jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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download VideoTS  zip (632MB)

Analogsat & Gommoral feature Autark‘s first video release. By complex algorithms the visuals melt into the music: While in „Solitons“ the volume amplitudes trigger the motions of preselected images, in „Spectrometer“ the waveforms of the single tracks are positioned in space. In „Spectroscope“ six separate audio tracks are analysed by a spectroscope, which results in six overlapping pictures generating a single video. By determining the visualised shape, the sound almost turns into a bodily experience.

Video Previews:

01 Solitones  mp4

02 Spectroscope  mp4

03 Spectrometer  mp4


Autark aa12

John E. Flash
Der Usurpatorkomplex
w + p by Martin Huber
artwork by Martin Huber
mastered by Kenneth Winkler

01 Leaf  mp3 , ogg
02 Flora & Fauna  mp3 , ogg
03 Vol de nuit  mp3 , ogg
04 Der Usurpatorkomplex  mp3 , ogg
05 Apart  mp3 , ogg
06 Folie a deux  mp3 , ogg
07 One Five Six  mp3 , ogg
08 Almost the End  mp3 , ogg
09 Places  mp3 , ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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John E. Flash is back with his debut album. Unlike his former works on autark, in tracks like "Leaf" he introduces dubbier sounds this time. Yet, other tracks like "Der Usurpatorkomplex" stand out due to their cold, post clicks'n'cuts aesthetics. "Flora & Fauna" rises from a soundscape consisting of recordings made in Austrian forest while "One Five Six" and "Folie a deux" are jaunts through razor-edged electronica.


Autark aa11

Various Artists
cover by Susanna Flock

01 Byetone – Alpine 8:10  mp3 , ogg
02 Schlammpeitziger – Innsbruck Innerei  mp3 , ogg
03 Fritz Teufel – Für Innsbruck  mp3 , ogg
04 Christian Stefaner-Schmid – Playground Final-Final  mp3 , ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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The four tracks of the playground EP were generated during playground festival in Innsbruck Austria in September 2009. Byetone, Schlammpeitziger, Christian Stefaner-Schmid and Fritz Teufel met the challenge to explore the city of Innsbruck by means of field recording devices. The collected audio material was processed to pieces of music in public, i.e. in a shop-window of a highly frequented commercial street, which was occupied for a week and also provided a basis for a media art exposition, discussions, talks, screenings and parties. A documentation of the entire festival is available at


Autark aa10

Various Artists

01 Krowley – Nocturne  mp3 , ogg
02 Sunom – Herbst  mp3 , ogg
03 Lt.Thrombose – Beat ich hab dich lieb  mp3 , ogg
04 HP.Stonji – Temo  mp3 , ogg
05 Christian Stefaner-Schmid – Extreme  mp3 , ogg
06 John E. Flash – Flackert  mp3 , ogg
07 May He Hetal? – F11  mp3 , ogg
08 Krach der Roboter – Deutschlandfunk  mp3 , ogg
09 Guy Bored – Alles was unmittelbar erlebt  mp3 , ogg
10 Chra – Before  mp3 , ogg

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..   Infosheet   pdf

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Autark's tenth release is a showcase of the labels past work. Ten new tracks by all past artists (even if one renamed himself) and a single new one mesh synthetic and naturalistic sound in multiple styles from dubstep to noise, from idm to electronica, from lofi to hifi, from...


Autark aa09

Contradictions EP
written + produced by Thomas Medicus

cover picture by Valentin Dander

01 Purple Place  mp3ogg
02 Spinning   mp3ogg
03 Eat8ord3er   mp3ogg
04 Storm   mp3ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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After some years of dark mars voyages, Innsbruck-based Sunom has located rather tranquil music styles on other planets. The journey led to more individual and experimental sounds, such as hashed beats and breaks or liquid spheres and even raspy singing. Never the less he only profits from the earth‘s air which transports acoustic noise by 1234,8 kilometers per hour. This phenomenon has already been used by other musicians.


Autark aa08

Krach der Roboter
All Clear EP
written + produced by Krach der Roboter

cover by Anna Schmitzberger

01 FFRRTT!!  mp3ogg
02 RAM DWN   mp3ogg
03 Robomozart   mp3ogg
04 Neuijntzijg   mp3ogg
05 Matze RMX   mp3ogg
06 The Robot Experience   mp3ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Cover2sided   pdf
..   Infosheet   pdf

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These sounds are recordings of the noises that occured while Krach der Roboter was manufactured. The order they are assembled in is based on excerpts from the code of Krach's operating system. This complex calculation process took from 2000 to 2004, because computer chips were not elaborate back then and often crashed.

aa07; cover: Daniel Leidenfrost

Autark aa07

Lt. Thrombose
Go and Get Lost !
written + produced by Andreas Stecher
cover by Daniel Leidenfrost

01 Untitled  mp3ogg
02 Captain Lofi   mp3ogg
03 Loving My Experiments   mp3ogg
04 Go and Get Lost!   mp3ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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Sometimes 19-year-old Innsbruck based Lt. Thrombose submerges the listener in a fog of multi-instrumentation. Sometimes his tracks are right in your face, with huge and distorted synth lines and straight beats. And sometimes there are more  sublime beats and eccentric voice samples. In the end stands an unambiguous advice: Go and get lost!


Autark aa06

At the Signals Meeting Point
written + produced by Christian Stefaner-Schmid
cover taken from the exhibition "zombie environment #12 - do trivial machines dream non trivial dreams?" by christian stefaner-schmid ©2005-2009

01 2track1 (live Session)  mp3ogg
02 Colliders 4   mp3ogg
03 Masch4Reuter    mp3ogg
04 Static   mp3ogg
05 Polvo Naranjo  mp3ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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radical constructivist, atheist, skeptic. convinced of the independent existence of machines. does not make much difference between man and machine and is not tempted to find this differences. quite the opposite is the case and already found in the possibillity of conditioning man and machine likewise, by similar methods. that's why for hornyphon, music is a constructivist process, using constructivist methodes. the result has nothing to do with what one likes to call "feelings". for hornyphon it would be pointless to stick with the same "sentiments" and to tonally evoke and invoke the same "sentimental patterns" over and over again. this would be careless, even reckless. listeners are persuaded to observe themselves, in order to become an audience, respectively consumers of the second order and hence become aware of their self-referentiality and self-organisation. no need to be afraid of breaks. the decomposition of hornyphon's music, in the form of free tonality, is nothing else but a shifting of values, perceptions and patterns, by sometimes less than a semitone. more thought, less music.


Autark aa05

May He Hetal?
written + produced by Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer, Sebastian Six

01 Prelude   mp3ogg
02 A Shortball   mp3ogg
03 Gehärtete pflanzliche Fette    mp3ogg
04 More Than Elsewhere   mp3ogg
05 Gumky  mp3ogg
06 Ohne Zusatz (live)  mp3ogg
07 Chronisch  mp3ogg
08 Kurzschuss  mp3ogg
09 Restore Hope  mp3ogg
10 Powerless Structure  mp3ogg

..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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Modified keyboards and handcrafted interfaces, build the fundament for the music of may he hetal? Through this way, they are able to worm out some unexpected and opinionated sounds. Out of this soundpool rises their music, which is located somewhere between Ambient, Elektronika and Noise.


Autark aa04

Verstreichen EP
written + produced by Christina Nemec

cover artwork by Susi Klocker

01 Gorenje   mp3ogg
02 Oktogon   mp3ogg
03 Derive   mp3ogg
04 Rebellion & Challenge   mp3ogg
..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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1+2: additional processing by Mika Vainio
3: inspired by Walter Benjamin
4: inspired by Virginia Woolf & Vita Sackville-West

CHRA ist the soloproject of Vienna-based Christina Nemec. She likes to play and stretch low frequency sine waves, granulated through a small program called soundeffects, and manipulated via logic, ableton live, 4-track-recorder, sampler – like a roadmovie for your ears. Main topics: landscapes, territories, silence, unexpected things and history.


Autark aa03

John E. Flash
Mountainscape EP
written + produced by Martin Huber

01 Elegiac   mp3ogg
02 Brooks   mp3ogg
03 Pasture   mp3ogg
04 Brimstone Butterfly   mp3ogg
..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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John E. Flash is one of the carriers of autark. As host and DJ he has been around in the Innsbruck area for a couple of years. Now is the time to add a new part: the
producer. Mountainscape is an attempt to merge several influences such as electronica, techno and hip hop to a whole. John E. Flash takes off his alpine
boots and produces sound far away from montane romanticism.


Autark aa02
Four Pieces
produced by Felix Trawöger

01 I Saw my Lady Weep   mp3ogg
02 Ayre   mp3ogg
03 Crye   mp3ogg
04 Pavane  mp3ogg 
..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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With sweet 17 Innsbruck based analog fanatic Krowley launches his first 4-track-EP. Instead of becoming a Schönberg piano prodigy, he found his love in experimental electronic music, but always flavoured with a very special organic ambience. His sound‘s an oscillation between dubstep, electronica and downbeat with heavy influence of acoustic instruments under reference to renaissance music.


Autark aa01
Piano Expeditions EP
produced by Hans Platzgumer & Jens Döring

01 Piano Expeditions I   mp3ogg
02 Piano Expeditions II   mp3ogg
..   Cover   jpg
..   Infosheet   pdf

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Hans Platzgumer and Jens Döring are hp.stonji. So far they've been known from their albums on Zurich's Spezialmaterial and the Viennese label Konkord, as well as from their countless other projects (solo or with others, e.g. Cube & Sphere, hp.zinker, Queen of Japan, e.stonji).
hp.stonji's music is an organic blueprint of the music called electronica. But it might as well be  fat and dirty. Autark's prologue "Piano Expeditions" is a journey into the atmospheric deeps of modern ambient music as cold and warm it can be.